Spirit Rising

At Terra-Forma Education our belief is that we all need mentors at every stage of our lives. The tween years, when youth are leaving childhood and entering adolescence, may be the most important time to have a mentor. One of the most powerful ways for youth to experience growth and build self-confidence is to complete a rite-of-passage under the guidance of a youth mentor.

Our Spirit Rising program does just that. If your tween is looking for more independence and more opportunities to try new adventures, but you feel she/he is not quite ready, then Spirit Rising is the program for your family. By making the commitment to become part of the Spirit Rising community, youth will have an opportunity to show that they can handle new responsibilities. This in turn will show the community that they can be counted on to contribute positively.

As a member of Spirit Rising, by participating in this rite-of-passage participants are embarking on the classic hero’s journey.

  • The Call to Adventure-reach out to the next stage of our lives, discover what comes next.
  • Threshold of Ogres-encountering the ogres of your individual mythology. There are ogres of exhaustion, thirst, indecision, responsibility, etc…
  • The road of trials and finding allies-sources of help are unpredictable and frequently appear in such a way as to challenge assumptions or prejudices, indifference or fears.
  • The magic flight-spontaneous and acute connection with personal power, where individuals become confident in their abilities and released from preconceived notions of self. The promise of all things possible.
  • Return Threshold-deciding to integrate your otherworldly experience into a daily reality or abandon it as an abstract dream.
  • Master of Two Worlds-I did it! You set out to achieve something, encountered trials and challenges and pushed through them

Our hope is for Spirit Rising to be a community where everyone can feel free to express their hopes, dreams, fears and opinions; a place where young people can come for advice, friendship, fun and support.  We want to be able to share our knowledge and skills so that you will have the tools that will help you to deal with all of the challenges that come with growing up.

We want to mentor you in the importance of staying connected with the Earth, not being afraid to show your emotions, not being afraid to act like a kid, and dance to the beat of your own drum. 

 Help others whenever you can, you never know when you might need help.  Give back to your community; it gives to you every day.  Become familiar with ceremony and be open to the magic of the Earth and everything that it supports.  Listen to the ways of the Elders.

The Spirit Rising program runs during the school year from October to July. A group of 10 boys and girls meet once each month for a community building experience ranging from volunteering on habitat restoration projects to night-time tide pool exploration to canoeing, archery, or snowshoeing. The year culminates with a three-day backpacking trip in Olympic National Forest.

We are looking for members to make a commitment to attend at least 8 of 9 monthly meetings.  We are asking for a membership fee of $1850/year.  If you want to pay in installments we will work together to come up with a schedule that fits your budget. Scholarship funds are available. There are other opportunities to offset costs by way of in-kind contributions, fundraising help or others. If you have reservations about committing for a year, talk to us and we can discuss possible options. Your membership fee will cover all of the expenses associated with our monthly gatherings including the backpack trip.