Our Mission

To cultivate an understanding of interconnection between diverse human communities and the planet through the arts, the sciences, adventure, and myth.

Environmental Education

At Terra-Forma Education we have discovered that environmental education students absorb knowledge best when they play an active role in the process of learning. With this in mind, we have created a unique educational model that brings the lessons to life, while teaching real science and re-establishing our lost connection to the environment.

Providing experiences in nature for the young adventurers in the world.
Mentoring the next generation of Earth stewards.
Rediscover your deep interconnections with nature through story and adventure.

About Caveman

Caveman has been mentoring young people in nature since 1997. In his quest to nurture Mother Earth, he creates a world of magic and wonder that captivates young adventuring minds. His passion for connecting with ecosystems through observation and experience, provides an excellent inspiration for the naturalists of the next generation. He continues to be a role model by having fun, remembering to stay young, being creative, learning daily and sharing his knowledge with others.  Caveman graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.

Summer Camp

Terra-Forma Education offers many unique programs based on a model that incorporates the concepts of mythic journey and magical realism with environmental education. In these programs, participants of all ages interact with characters in a complex story that is forming around them. The seemingly spontaneous story line leads them through the challenges of self-awareness and group dynamics, as decisions are made that shape the future of the planet, just as it happens in our daily lives. Unlike many traditional education models, these participants are exposed to real life situations, and forced to make real life decisions, that help them become responsible adults. This all happens in the moment, without forethought, as students are involved and actively seeking knowledge, some for the first time.

Summer Camp Schedule and Details

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The Beautiful Pacific Northwest

Based in the Seattle, Washington area, Terra-Forma Education meets at two convenient locations in North and South Seattle to serve the central Puget Sound region.

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